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We Work with You to Create the Ideal Promotional Piece
Team Promotions takes a creative approach to developing the right promotional campaign for you. We combine our knowledge of promotional products with your objectives to create a unique item that creates immediate impact, is shared with others, and leaves a long lasting impression. Below is just a small sample of some of our work.

Our staff works with you to identify targets and goals and create the promotional product that gets your point, promotion, or message across to your market. The result is effective impact marketing with quantifiable results.


Kirby Contest Mailer   Snap On   Cavaliers Charm Bracelet
Kirby   Snap On   Cleveland Cavaliers
For a sales contest we created this full color envelope to pump up the sales force even before the mailer was opened.   To create a buzz for the annual Snap-On party at NADA in New Orleans this mailer invitation came compete with a selection of New Orleans Jazz. The music came complete with a DJ introduction promoting the Snap-on party.   This one of a kind custom key chain features charms made of the Quicken loan Arena court, basketball, hoop and Cavs engraved medallion.

Bobble Head We Really Bobbled This One

What's the perfect gift for a retiring, distinguished, managing partner of a major law firm?

There are the usual cliché gifts such as a brief case or pen and pencil set. But Team Promotions took a different approach. The answer? A personalized Bobble Head. Our friendly creation provided a memorable experience and a Bobble Head doll that will likely live on long after a pen runs out of ink.
Looks Like a Laptop ....But It's Really a T-shirt

When this Company wanted a unique product that could deliver their message, "Everything IT", we created the Everything I T-shirt in a box shaped like a laptop.

PC T-Shirt